Dragonflight starter bundle
  • Description: We will complete Dragonflight Leveling and Mythic+0 Dungeons Gearing with top-ranked boosters from our team to loot 392 ilvl Gear and make you character ready for DF content!
  • Rules: Character level 70; WoW account with Dragonflight expansion; Account sharing
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Dragonflight Starter Bundle Boost - pre-pare your characters for DF

Buy our WoW Dragonflight Starter Bundle - WoW Leveling Boost and full Mythic+0 Gear Boost and get the opportunity to loot 392 ilvl Gear. This is an amazing chance for all players to become a strong and powerful player in the new Dragonflight season! By purchasing a WoW Dragonflight Starter Pack, you will receive a fully upgraded character in decent Mythic+0 Gear. Thus, your character will be ready for the passage of more complex mythic dungeons. With such a character, you will feel more confident and will not worry that your equipment level is not good enough for any DF challenges. Also, during the Mythic+ dungeons run, you will boost and increase your Mythic+ rating. Don't miss this chance, we are ready to level up your character, are you?

Why should you choose us

Our team consists of only the most professional, experienced and skillful players. They will achieve any of your WoW DF goals and, believe us, they will do it at their best!

The experience of our boosters allows us to perform any boost services really quickly. You do not have to wait long for your order and worry about something going wrong. We strive to deliver services just on time.

We never use bots in our work. All DF boost services are performed with the highest quality and accuracy. With the knowledge and techniques of the game, our boosters will quickly complete the boost and achieve exactly the result you asked for.

On our site you can always get support and help. For any questions you are interested in, contact us in the live chat. We will always answer you and help you!

We will also take care of the security of your account. We always use the VPN of your country and do everything so that the risk of getting a ban is minimal.

How do we work

  1. Place the desired boost service in your cart and pay for the order.
  2. We will contact you. Please provide us with your account login details. It is required if you have chosen piloted boost.
  3. We will select a suitable booster for your desired Dragonflight Starter Bundle Boost, which will help you get what you want.
  4. As soon as the goal is reached, the boost service will be completed and you will be able to continue your game in the new Dragonflight season.


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

Account sharing

Achieve your goals with us

Join our team and achieve even your most daring goals. Together we will quickly level up your character, increase its rating and get an amazing high-level mythic+ 0 gear!

How long does it take to complete dragonflight starter bundle boost?

This is will take from 24 hours to 72 hours, depends on boost speed you choose.

How will Dragonflight Starter Bundle Boost help me?

By purchasing Dragonflight Starter Bundle Boost, you will receive a fully upgraded character in decent Mythic+0 Gear. Thus, your character will be ready for DF content.

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