Dragonflight Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Boost

WoW Dragonflight Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Boost
  • Description: Come with us to the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds dungeon run to get an excellent level 372-405 gear. With us, you will definitely achieve results and run the dungeon as productively as possible.
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Buy WoW Dragonflight Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Boost and earn 372-405 ilvl gear

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds will become available to run in the new Dragonflight season. This dungeon has undergone many changes and it will be a real challenge for players! It will be very difficult to complete it, especially if we are talking about completing it in Mythic+ difficulty. But there is also good news. After completing the Mythic+ dungeon, you can get 405 ilvl gear for your character. This will strengthen your toon and your further journey through Dragonflight Mythic + 1 will become a little easier and more exciting. However, to get such decent gear, you will have to work hard and use the right techniques and strategies to defeat all the bosses! With a team of Frostyboost players who have excellent gaming skills, completing the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Mythic+ dungeon will be easy! You will definitely get the opportunity to take your gear!


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

Way it works

  1. Specify all options and place the desired carry service in the cart and then pay for the order.
  2. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details of the order.
  3. At the agreed time the boost will start. You will either be in a team with our PROs or our boosters will take care of the boost themselves.
  4. After completing the dungeon, we will return your account to you. Now you can continue your Mythic+ Season.

Some dungeons really require excellent skills and knowledge. This is the only way you can get all the rewards of the dungeon. And if this is exactly what you want, write to us and we will select for you a team of experienced boosters, with whom you can run the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds dungeon as successfully and productively as possible.

What is the duration of the Dragonflight Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Boost?

Boost duration one hour.

Are there any special requirements?

No, you only need a level 70 character in Dragonflight Season.

What determines the level of gear that I can get?

The gear level depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon. Therefore, if you decide to complete the Mythic+ dungeon, the gear level will be high.

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