Dragonflight Neltharus Boost
  • Description: Don't miss this chance to be part of our friendly and skilled team. You will get the full Mythic run of the desired dungeon and an amazing gear for your character. The Neltharus Mythic+ dungeon run will be exciting and fast with us!
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Buy WoW Dragonflight Neltharus Boost to reach the 372 ilvl gear for your toon

In the new Dragonflight Mythic+ season, there will be many opportunities to improve your character. Mythic + dungeon runs are just one of those opportunities to become stronger in the new season. In the Neltharus dungeon, players will have four bosses to fight. Each boss has its own characteristics and powers, and therefore players will need excellent skills and a good team. We can help you with a team. Our boosters are truly experienced and they know a lot of tips and winning strategies, so Neltharus Mythic+ Run with them will be fun, fast and not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Successfully completing the Neltharus dungeon will allow you to strengthen your character by getting 372 ilvl gear. Equip your character with good gear and enjoy Dragonflight Mythic+ season. With Frostyboost, all this will be possible.


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

How do we work

  1. Choose a carry service, move it to the cart and pay for it.
  2. Next, our manager will contact you to discuss the details of your order and agree on the start time of the boost.
  3. We will assemble a team of suitable boosters and be ready to start the Mythic+ dungeon run.
  4. By defeating the bosses, we will be able to loot the gear for your character and then the boost will be completed. Good luck in your next game!

Completing the Neltharus dungeon with the players of our team is really a great solution. You do not have to suffer for a long time and look for the entrance to the dungeon, fight the same boss and get upset in case of defeat. With our boosters, everything will be easy and fast. And victories will come one after another. Hurry up and run the Neltharus dungeon in a team with the finest players. Start your Dragonflight Mythic+ season with victories!

How can I find the Neltharus dungeon?

You need to get to the western part of Waking Shores. And then follow to Obsidian Citadel.

How many bosses will there be?

There will be four bosses in the dungeon.

What gear will I get?

By completing this dungeon, you can get ilvl 372 gear.

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