Dragonflight Enchanting Profession Boost
  • ETA: 1-2 days
  • Description: Do you want to quickly level up your primary WoW profession? Our unrivaled boosters will do it in just a few hours and you will receive a mastered Enchanting Skill and many valuable Enchanting recipes.
  • Rules: The maximum character level in the WoW expansion in which you want to level the Enchanting Skill; Active WoW account with chosen expansion; Account sharing
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WoW Enchanting Profession Boost and let your character become the best enchanter

Enchanting Skill allows characters to use magical formulas to improve various items, weapons and armor. To perform all these actions, you still need to find all the necessary recipes. And, of course, you will need to reach the maximum level of the Enchanting Skill. For all this, you’ll have to learn from many trainers, visit lots of different locations and perform a large number of other similar actions. This task is not for fans of active and diverse games. But the unsurpassed boosters of our team are ready to help you in this matter! We will quickly master the Enchanting Skill and collect all the necessary recipes. Contact us and let your character become the best enchanter in all of Azeroth!

Why are we number one

Our team is a team of experienced and cool professionals and boosters. The experience of playing WoW for our boosters is incredibly huge and they know exactly how to perform the boost services you want quickly and efficiently.

It is thanks to the experience of our boosters and the well-coordinated work of other members of our team that our boost services are carried out quickly, and you will always get the result you wanted.

We keep the prices of boost services as low as possible and affordable for every player.

Keeping your account secure is one of our main goals. That is why we use the VPN of your country and other programs that will allow us to provide you with maximum security. The risk of getting banned is minimal.

We value our clients and all their wishes. You can always write to the live chat on our website and get any help.

How do we work

  1. If you want to get an Enchanting skill for your character, select this service, move it to the cart and pay for your order.
  2. Please share your login and password to enter your account.
  3. We will find a suitable booster and he will start fulfilling your order.
  4. As soon as the skill is fully mastered, we will notify you, we will return your account to you and you can continue your game.


The maximum character level in the WoW expansion in which you want to level the Enchanting skill

Active WoW account with chosen expansion

Account sharing

Ease your WoW game

With us you will achieve an Enchanting Profession quickly and easily. Let yourself relax a little and get the desired result thanks to the help of professional and experienced players. Trust us, we won't disappoint you!

How long will the Enchanting Boost last?

This boost will take approximately five hours. Maybe even a little less.

What profession would be good with Enchanting?

This profession pairs well with professions such as Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing. Thanks to them, you can get items that you can then enchant.

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