Dragonflight Arena Preparation
  • Description: By ordering our DF boost services, you will receive a fully upgraded character, ready for the new DF season , as well as full arena gear. You don't have to spend time on some of the most boring activities in WoW, because our team's unsurpassed PvP boosters will do everything for you!
  • ETA: 4-8 Days
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Buy Dragonflight Arena Preparation Bundle Boost

Our team has prepared a combined boost for you, thanks to which you can get a level 70 character ready to conquer the new Dragonflight season. Leveling boost will perfectly cope with this task. And thanks to Full Arena Gear Boost, you can get excellent gear for your character in order to become a confident and powerful player and successfully fight in the PvP arena. This boost will be the perfect solution for those who have little free time, but who want to succeed in the PvP arena in the new WOW Dragonflight season. Do not waste your time, entrust your character and we will fully improve and equip it with our Dragonflight Arena Preparation Bundle Boost!

Why should you prefer our team

Our team has many years of experience in providing all kinds of boost services. We know what our customers need and that’s why we provide only quality boost services, convenient service and a friendly attitude. We provide only high-quality and first-class boost services and the results always meet your expectations. The boosters of our team are experienced and skillful players. They always get the job done and they do it quickly, taking into account every aspect of the game. We always guarantee you the result! Our operators in the live chat will always answer you and explain all the nuances.

Way it works

  1. Select a service and pay for it.
  2. Share with our operator the data from your account. And also tell us what time it would be best to log into your account.
  3. We will assemble a team of boosters who will start providing the boost service you want.
  4. Having reached the goal, we will return your account to you and you will be able to log in and see the results.


WoW account with Dragonflight expansion
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Frostyboost team won’t let you down

We promise you high-quality performance of each boost service! We will level up your character to level 70 and then go get a full arena gear for it which include our DF Arena Preparation Bundle. Believe us, it will be much easier and more pleasant for you if you trust the professionals of our team in this responsible matter! And we definitely won't let you down!

How long will it take you to complete this DF Arena Preparation Bundle Boost?

For leveling 60-70 we will need from eight to 24 hours, and 3-7 days for Arena Gearing if you need leveling 1-70, then it will take even longer. You can find out the exact time of the order from the operators in the live chat.

Why should I buy this boost?

Leveling and Arena Gearing is an activity that for some is very tedious and difficult. Few people enjoy doing this. Therefore, we offer you the professional help of our boosters. They will complete everything much faster, so you can start the game earlier and with full gear.

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