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WotLK Deadly Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm boost

WotLK Deadly Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm boost
  • ETA: During the arena 5 season
  • Description: The most competent players of the team will respond to your request to reach this outlandish mount. We’ll take the top places of arena teams and you’ll receive Deadly Gladiator's mount.
  • Rules: Character lvl 80; Season PvP gear; Account sharing; Active WoW WotLK subscription
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Buy WotLK Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm boost

Here you can purchase the carry service for reaching one of the most horrifying and respected mounts in all of WoW WotLK. The boosters of our team have already reached the top mounts more than once, and thanks to their experience and many years of skills, they will be able to get Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm especially for you. If you do not have a well-coordinated team or free time, do not worry! You still have a chance to reach the Deadly Gladiator's mount. The players of our team, playing for your character, will enter the top of the best teams in your battlegroup and you will get the mount you want. You’ll gain the award for the best PvP players. Contact us and get this unusual and outlandish Deadly Gladiator's mount!


Character lvl 80

Season PvP gear

Account sharing

Active WoW WotLK subscription

Service delivery stages

  1. Please pay for the boost service you choose
  2. Now wait for a message from the operator, it will not take long
  3. Tell the operator the password and login for your account
  4. And now it remains only to wait for the results of our boosters. As soon as they do their job, you will immediately receive your account and everything that the boosters have achieved in the entire time of work.

We are sure that the result will completely satisfy you. You can ask any questions about the boosting process at any time.

Feel invincible with Frostyboost

Trust Frostyboost and our expert boosters. And in the nearest future you will be able to fully enjoy flying on your Deadly Gladiator's mount mighty mount, amaze all your friends with such a high achievement and feel invincible and slightly intimidating. And we will be happy to help you in obtaining this award for the best players in the PvP segment. If you want to see more offers then take a look at our WotLK Gladiator Boost

What are the advantages of Deadly Gladiator's frost wyrm?

Besides being very unique, this mount is also really prompt. It will increase your flight speed by 310%.

How can I reach Deadly Gladiator's frost wyrm?

Only those players who finished in the top 0.5% of the best teams in their battlegroup can receive this mount as a reward. So it will be necessary to take this place.

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