Castle Nathria Full Mythic Run | 10/10 Selfplay (EU)

Castle Nathria Full Mythic Run | 10/10 Selfplay (EU)
  • ESTIMATED TIME: 1 reset, but check with live chat operator please
  • Description: We will guide you through Castle Nathria Full Mythic Run 10/10 self-play and you can roll items (write to discord for info)
$ {{totalPrice}}
  • Can this be done in Pilot? I can't play.
Yes, we can definitely pilot your character if you wish. Just include it in the note and select the Pilot extra option if available, beneath the price. We do however suggest Selfplay so that your account is safer. High-end PvE Piloted services can be risky.
  • Can I choose the boosting time?
Yes, we will definitely do our best, but keep in mind that our boosters have set up times as well for their raids or group runs to work. For more information, contact our Discord support Frostyboost#6417

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