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tazavesh boost
tazavesh boost
  • ESTIMATED TIME: Standart mode 1-3 hours, Hard mode 2-5 hours;
  • Description: Our boosters, together with you or on your account, will go through the entire tazavesh, killing 8 bosses of the megadungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market;
  • Rules: level 60 character.
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WoW Tazavesh Boost

Frostyboost welcomes you and would like to walk you through how your WoW Tazavesh Boost will go.

Looking for a WoW Tazavesh boost? You are on the right page!

Tazavesh Secret Market is only available on Mythic difficulty and after a completed quest chain. You can trust us to open Tazavesh for you and go through it, we will do everything 100%.

For all questions write to us in live chat or discord Frostyboost#6417

Update 9.1 Shadowlands brought us new PvE content, namely Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.

To open Tazavesh you need to go through the quest chain:

  1. The Al'ley Cat of Oribos;
  2. Insider Trading;
  3. Things Best Kept Dark;
  4. Seeking Smugglers;
  5. Above My Station;
  6. Dead Drop;
  7. Coins for the Ferryman;
  8. The Veiled Market;
  9. Tazavesh: Raiders of the Lost Artifact.
  Tazavesh consists of eight bosses and is only available on Mythic (Standart) mode and a hard mode. You might think Mythic mode, which is difficult even for a well-coordinated group, how then can you get through Hard mode? In Hard Mode, new boss mechanics are activated, so the probability of a random group of defeating all bosses is incredibly small. With our Frosty boosters, you can easily collect all the rewards, just select the required number of traders. For all questions and time coordination, please contact discord Frostyboost#6417  

Pilot or Selfplay?

You can buy WoW Tazavesh Boost as a pilot or selfplay. If you decide that you want to go through tazavesh on your own, then at the appointed time you will receive an invitation to the game. The party leader will tell you what to do, just follow his instructions and everything will go smoothly. Selfplay is the safest method, since you are playing your own character. Careful when ordering, access to Tazavesh should already be open. If you decide that you prefer the manned boost option, then we have nothing against it, but you assume all the risks.  

How will the first booster login to my account?

After the booster accepts the order, we give them your username and password. The first login of the booster is accompanied by your authenticator code (if you have it enabled) to your email or app, Or if you do not have authenticator enabled an answer to a secret question. 2 potential methods can come from there: 1) If you do not want to give a security answer but you can be online, we will need a code when we first log into As soon as the booster receives the code and enters, they will be able to seamlesslyfulfill your order. There are times when crashes and it requires re-entering the code in which case the boost may be delayed until you send us a new code. 2) The secret answer is the best entry to the system for quick order fulfillment. With this method, your presence is not necessary, you can go about your business and not look into discord. The booster will be able to log into your account at any time without the need to receive a code from your mail. Don’t worry, providing us with your security answer is completely safe! After completing the boost, you can easily change your secret question in your account.  

How can you secure my account?

All our boosters have a VPN as well as and program allowing them to change their unique ID; they can mirror your ID so that the game clients thinks it is you who is playing. This method is used for every boost with no exception to maximize the safety of your account.  

How long does Tazavesh boost take?

Mythic mode Tazavesh takes from 1 to 3 hours, in Hard mode - 2 to 4 hours.  

What rewards will I receive after running Mythic mode?

As a reward for completing Tazavesh in normal mode, you can get 226 ilvl items.  

What rewards will I receive after a hard mode?

1) Achievement Fake It 'Til You Make It; 2) Unique flying mount Tazavesh Gearglider; 3) Chance to get the epic mount Cartel Master's Gearglider; 4) As a reward for completing Tazavesh in Hard mode, you can get 233 ilvl items.

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