BiS Pre-Raid gear boost
  • ETA: 5-7 days
  • Description: Raiding is an exciting experience that allows players to immerse in WoW Wrath of the Lich King. To successfully complete raids, you need to collect BiS pre-raid gear. Our Frostyboost team with their best boosters will successfully complete the necessary quests and dungeons so that you receive BiS pre-raid gear.
  • Rules: Active WoW WotLK subscription
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WotLK Pre-Raid BiS

The most responsible, bright and difficult event in the running of raids is the battle with the boss. Before fighting him, the player needs to farm a lot of gear in order to equip his character with a sufficient amount of equipment. Only this will allow the player to defeat the boss. The maximum good gear is collected from all possible places and this is done before you go on a raid. The boosters of the Frostyboost team are ready to take on this difficult and responsible task. We suggest you BiS Pre-Raid WotLK gear boost. Only the best boosters will go to get the best gear and the most powerful equipment for your character. We’ll achieve all this for the successful running of dungeons, for tasks and for reputation. As soon as you equip your character in bis Pre-Raid gear, you can consider that the main goal in WoW WotLK PvE has already been achieved!

Why are we the best in bis Pre-Raid gear boost?

We respect the wishes and goals of our clients. That is why we always do our work with high quality. We achieve our goals. Our boosters are responsible and understanding people, professional and skillful boosters. They will complete your order quickly and efficiently. For a very low price, you get a super high-quality service. We also guarantee the security of your account, because we ourselves value reliability very much and therefore we use all precautions. You will receive your account safe and sound.

How does it work?

  1. Selecting the BiS Pre-Raid gear boost service
  2. Payment for the service
  3. Sharing your account to our boosters
  4. Fulfillment of your order
  5. Receiving an account with achieved wishes back

Our requirements

Active WoW WotLK subscription

Get the desired Best in Slot for your further successful raids

By ordering our services, you will receive high-quality and fairly fast BiS Pre-Raid boost. Our boosters will do everything at the highest level, and you will receive the much coveted and powerful Best in Slot WotLK for further successful raids.

Is BiS Pre-Raid gear so important?

Yes, because the damage you give out, as well as your efficiency, depends on the gear.

How long does it take to collect BiS Pre-Raid gear?

It depends on what parts of the equipment are needed. It is difficult to determine the exact lead time of the order.

Is it possible to run raids without a pre-raid gear?

Yes, but you’ll need a very good group of teammates. And they should have a really good equipment.

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