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ARENA COACHING: 1 hour of 3vs3

ARENA COACHING: 1 hour of 3vs3
ARENA COACHING: 1 hour of 3vs3
  • Description: 3 hours of games with Rank 1 #1 players, only best of the best
  • Requirements: Level 60 character and good gear. If your gear is lacking, you can buy gearing from us!
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  • What happens right after purchasing?
Once you have completed the payment, we will add you on Skype (don’t forget to include it on the checkout - if you don’t, you will be notified on your WoW Email) as soon as possible in order to unlock your account. After getting in touch with you, we will start working on completing your service within the agreed timeframe. You will still be able to play unless we tell you not to.
  • Selfplay Arena Services
have a targeted rating. Available up to 2100, they are designed to let you get your rating quickly and efficiently. If you want to improve as a player and push Gladiator, you need to look at Coaching instead.Write to us for details Frostyboost#6417

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