190 Average ILvL Farm

  • Description: Every item in the game has an “item level”, which corresponds to its specific power. You can see the item level of each time by mouseover it in your bags. According to the item level of the items you are wearing, your own character’s average item level will differ. Harder game content rewards better items with higher item level, which makes your character more powerful. Having a high item level unlocks access to harder content as well, and allows you to join strong groups that actually seek players with high item level in order to actually let you play with them. This Is the boost you need!
  • Rules: level 60 character
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  • Are there any extra options?
You can choose to give priority to your boost through the Express and Super Express option. These options will increase your service’s cost, but our boosters will be more motivated to complete it within the shortened estimated time as they will also be paid more.
  • Am I able to increase my item level with other boosts?
Yes! With this service, you let us decide what content to complete and manage your character according to the booster’s preferences (you can trust him!). However, you can easily purchase a raid run through the Calendar feature – we offer a huge amount of customization, allowing you to find the best run that fits your requirements. Raid boosts will always increase your item level!
  • Item level packages
With this service, we will boost your item level up to your desired amount, starting from your current item level. The service is completed through Pilot (Account sharing) and we will play your character completing the most efficient content to gear up as quickly as possible!
  • How will you increase my item level?
We will play your character and complete raids and quests alongside farming activities You can check the grey label below the selector on the bar – it will give you information on the content we plan to complete in order to increase your item level to your desired amount.
  • Our boosters
We will assign your boost to players who play in very experienced guilds who run a lot of raids every week. This allows your character to receive the best gear in the shortest possible timeframe. This means that a strong player of a top guild will play your character – his experience will increase your character’s power and you will notice the difference after logging back in! Next to our pro players from pro guilds, we also use amazing farmers who know every secret behind obtaining quick gear. Having completed numerous boosts gives each one of our farmers a great amount of experience which you won’t find anywhere else.


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