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By purchasing WoW Professions Boost, you will receive high-quality and fast professions skill boost for your character. We do not use any programs, cheats or bots, all services are performed by boosters with their own hands.

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WoW TBC Professions Boost
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What are the professions?

In Burning Crusade Classic, professions are divided into production, gathering, and auxiliary:

  • Manufacturing professions include alchemy, blacksmithing, cooking, engineering, jewelery, leatherworking, and tailoring. To obtain a profession, the player must learn the recipes and produce the items that can be worn or sold in accordance with these recipes.
  • Gathering professions include herbalism, mining, skinning, and fishing. To obtain a profession, the player collects the materials necessary for the production of various items.
  • Auxillary professions include Cooking, Fishing, First Aid and can be mastered without restrictions.

How many main professions can you choose?

A player can choose a maximum of two main professions. The main professions are: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Jewelery, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning.

How to level up professions?

To increase the level of proficiency in the profession, you need to make or collect the necessary items. The higher the skill level, the more complex the recipes available to the character, and the better the items that he can collect or craft.

Will my level remain if I decide to change my main profession?

If you decide to change profession, all ranks and skill points will be reset to 1.

What is required to upgrade a profession to 375?

A new rank from TBC is called Master, it allows you to pump a skill from 300 to 375. To learn a profession of the Master rank, you need to boost a character up to level 50. As you level up the skill, you will return to the trainer for new recipes.

Will you secure my account while upgrading?

Of course, all of our boosters use a VPN and a program that changes the ID of our hardware. All services are performed without cheats and bots, only manual work!

Also, be sure of the safety of your account content (gear) and gold.

When will the boost start?

It depends on the time of day, but usually it takes no more than 24 hours from the moment the booster is assigned.

How is the first booster login to my account?

After the booster accepts the order, we give them your username and password.

The first entry of the booster is always accompanied by a code to your mail, or an answer to a secret question. 2 potential methods can follow from there:

1) If you do not want to give a security answer but you can be online, we will need a code when you first log into the booster in As soon as the booster receives the code and enters, they will be able to seamlessly fulfill your order. There are times when crashes and it requires re-entering the code in which case the boost may be delayed until you send us a new code.

2) The secret code is the best entry to the system for quick order fulfillment. With this method, your presence is not necessary, you can go about your business and not look into discord. The booster will be able to log into your account at any time without the need to receive a code from your mail.

Don’t worry, providing us with your security answer is completely safe! After completing the boost, you can easily change your secret question in your account.

To reduce the risk of ban, we recommend not to log in for 24 hours.