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Don’t want to go through complicated and long quest chains to gain access to the raid? You have come to the right place! Buying a wow attunements boost from us, you will not waste time, we will do everything for you, for this you just need to select the desired attunements and GO!

Attunements is dont need anymore for raids, but check our new Raids runs in Lich King Classic

  • if you got any questions, your can add us to discord: Frostyboost#6417

WoW TBC Attunements Boost
The Frostyboost team welcomes
you and would like to walk you through how your WoW TBC Attunements Boost will go.

The new World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic update has prepared for us new raids to explore, new bosses, and new items to loot.
In TBC, to be able to do end game content (raids), you need to get attuned to the raid. This is done via questing and dungeon grinding.

It can take a huge amount of time to go through these endless quest chains, doing nothing but running around and collecting all the materials you need to unlock the raid. Why would you waste countless hours when you can just spend your time in the funner end game content? By buying Attunements boost, you can be sure of the quality of our service.

How will you secure my account?

To reduce the risk of being banned, all of our boosters use a VPN and an ID that changes your hardware. We do not use any cheats, programs or bots, all work is done manually.

How will the boost take place? Pilot or Selfplay?

After paying for the order, our manager will contact you to clarify all the information regarding your character. As soon as the booster accepts your order, your account is transferred to us and shared with our booster. All quest chains will be completed, the necessary dungeons are completed, and the bosses are killed (all to open the raid you need).

What raids will open at the beginning?

At first, there will be 3 raids available for players of maximum level 70, including Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair. Karazhan is one of the first raids to be undertaken by max-level players and requires each player to have a special key called the Master’s Key to enter. To obtain the key, each player must complete a very long quest chain that includes completing many quests and clearing numerous dungeons in Burning Crusade.

What raids will open later?

In the next stages, Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep – The Eye, The Battle for Mount Hyjal, Zul-Aman and Sunwell Plateau will be opened.

When will the boost start?

It depends on the time of day, but usually it takes no more than 24 hours from the moment the booster is assigned.

How is the first booster login to my account?

After the booster accepts the order, we give them your username and password.

The first entry of the booster is always accompanied by a code to your mail, or an answer to a secret question. 2 potential methods can follow from there:

1) If you do not want to give a security answer but you can be online, we will need a code when you first log into the booster in Battle.net. As soon as the booster receives the code and enters Battle.net, they will be able to seamlessly fulfill your order. There are times when Battle.net crashes and it requires re-entering the code in which case the boost may be delayed until you send us a new code.

2) The secret code is the best entry to the system for quick order fulfillment. With this method, your presence is not necessary, you can go about your business and not look into discord. The booster will be able to log into your account at any time without the need to receive a code from your mail.

Don’t worry, providing us with your security answer is completely safe! After completing the boost, you can easily change your secret question in your Battle.net account.

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