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Dragonflight Arena Wins Boost

Proficient and agile boosters of our team will achieve the Weekly Arena Win and receive a PvP reward for you, which will be available on your current rating.

Dragonflight Arena Wins Boost and reward your toon with awesome PvP gear

DF Weekly Arena Win allows all WoW Dragonflight players to get cool and useful PvP rewards every week. To do this, you just need to go into the game and win one battle. How cool the reward will be will depend on your current arena rating. The higher the rating of the arena in which you played during the week, the better the reward. In order for everything to work out exactly as it should, and you get the desired reward quickly and guaranteed, you can contact the experienced and skilled players of our team. In no time at all, we’ll achieve that DF Weekly Arena Win Boost, and you’ll get an awesome PvP reward for your character. Give your character cool rewards in the Dragonflight Season and make your game easier and more enjoyable. And we will gladly help you with this!


Character level 70

Account sharing

Active WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

Way it works

  1. Having decided to get a guaranteed Weekly Arena Win thanks to the skillful boosters of our team, move this service to the cart and then, please, pay for the order.
  2. Choose the most convenient time to start the boost service. When ordering a piloted boost, please tell our manager your account data. If you’ve chosen selfplay boost, be ready to start boosting with our PROs.
  3. We will get the weekly arena win for you and then you can get the PvP reward according to your rating.
  4. Then the boost service will be completed.

Get DF Weekly Arena Wins Boost super fast and with maximum efficiency. This will become possible if you choose our Dragonflight Arena Wins Boost service. Get a wonderful PvP gear for your character and a good mood from receiving well-deserved rewards!

How time will it take to get Dragonflight Arena Wins?

It will only take us about ten and twenty minutes to complete this boost.

How does rating affect the reward I receive?

The rating you have affects what kind of PvP reward you will receive. The higher the rating, the higher the ilvl of the gear.