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The most experienced boosters of the Frostyboost team will raise your rating, so you can fight at a high rating and get great Dragonflight achievements.

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Dragonflight Arena 2v2 Boost and get results quickly and efficiently

DF 2v2 arena battles are quite popular, and all fans of this type of battle will have to try hard. After all, there are so many players here and everyone wants to succeed. Only the most purposeful, diligent and skillful players will be able to climb to the top. Having skill and an excellent teammate is highly important here. We are willing to provide you with the finest booster of our Frostyboost team, which will become your great mentor and teammate, and will also help you improve your skills. You will quickly reach the rating you’d like to have and get respected achievements. Let’s conquer the 2v2 arenas in Dragonflight!

Choose Frostyboost to achieve the best results in Dragonflight

The most experienced and competent PvP boosters will become part of your team. Without any doubt, with them you will achieve the desired result quickly and efficiently.

Boost services provided by Frostyboost bring quick and visible results. As soon as we receive an order from you, we immediately try to find suitable boosters and start providing the carry service, without delays and cancellations.

We try to provide maximum security to our customers. When fulfilling an order, we use the VPN and other programs to minimize the risk of getting banned.

Frostyboost team is a team of responsible, purposeful and attentive people. We are always ready to help you cope with any difficulty and achieve the best results in WoW Dragonflight!

Way it works

  1. Specify all the additional details in calc (your server, selfplay or piloted boost, the rating you want to achieve) and after that please pay for the order.
  2. We will review the information and select a suitable booster.
  3. Then you will be able to start boosting your rating together with our PRO player, if you have chosen selfplay boost, or just wait for the result, and the boosters will do everything themselves, if you have chosen piloted boost.
  4. As we reach the rating you wanted, the service will be considered completed.


Character level 70

Active WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

Achieve the finest results with Frostyboost

Do you want to quickly raise your rating and get the corresponding rewards in Dragonflight? Excellent! In our DF calc on Frostyboost website, choose what you want to get and achieve it with the finest Frostyboost players!

How is the Arena 2v2 Boost service provided?

You can choose selfplay or piloted boost.

How long does the service take?

It depends on the ranking you have and ranking you want to achieve. You can check with the manager for the exact time of the carry service.

Is it safe?

When fulfilling an order, we use the VPN of your country and other programs to minimize the risk of getting banned. We try to do our best to secure your account and make the risk of getting banned as low as possible.

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