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On this page, you can order WoW SoM Ranks boost, the most prestigious PvP games. Buying a service WoW Classic Season of Mastery Horde / Alliance Ranks Boost, we guarantee you 100% fulfillment.

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WoW Classic Season of Mastery Ranks Boost
The Frostyboost team welcomes
you and would like to walk you through how your WoW Classic Season of Mastery Ranks Boost will go.

There are a total of 14 ranks for both factions. Each rank requires a minimum amount of Rating Points to be calculated every week, then calculated in comparison to other players on your server.

Each rank grants access to different rewards, from PvP consumables to Epic Mounts that do not require Epic Riding Skill and Epic pieces of gear at the highest ranks. Each rank is also applied to your character as a Title.

Rank Rating Points Titles Alliance Titles Horde Rewards
1 At least 15 HKs Private Scout
2 2000 Rating Corporal Grunt
3 5000 Rating Sergeant Sergeant
4 10000 Rating Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant
5 15000 Rating Sergeant Major First Sergeant
6 20000 Rating Knight Stone Guard
7 25000 Rating Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard
8 30000 Rating Knight-Captain Legionnaire
9 35000 Rating Knight-Champion Centurion
10 40000 Rating Lieutenant Commander Champion
11 45000 Rating
(1.4% of players)
Commander Lieutenant General
  • Access to PvP Epic Mounts: Alliance / Horde
  • Ability to talk in the WorldDefense Channel
12 50000 Rating Marshal General
13 55000 Rating Field Marshal Warlord
14 60000 Rating (0.1% of
Grand Marshal High Warlord

What to do after payment?

After payment, you can contact us in our discord channel Frostyboost#6417 by sending us your order number and order details. We will then match you immediately with a booster.

When will you start ranks me up?

WoW Classic Season of Mastery Ranks boost will start once your account is transferred to us. The boosting timeline starts from the moment the booster receives a code from you to log into your account (which will be sent to you via Blizzard on your email). Rest as sure that our boosters do not cheat or use bots. All boosts are done 100% by hand.

How can you secure my account?

All our boosters have a VPN as well as and program allowing them to change their unique ID; they can mirror your ID so that the game clients thinks it is you who is playing. This method is used for every boost with no exception to maximize the safety of your account.

Do I need something from me before starting the boost?

After the booster accepts the order, you will be asked to send a code that you will have received by mail so that the booster can log into your account. We then coordinate with you and the booster to see when he can do boosts your account without impacting your own log in times.

To reduce the risk of ban, we recommend not to log in for 24 hours.