Trading Post of May and its new Rewards in WoW DF

Trading Post Feature in WoW DF

Last February, DF introduced the Trading Post-system to World of Warcraft, which allowed players to complete a variety of tasks in different forms of content and earn the badges of Trader’s Tender to purchase unique custom rewards that is also very hard to obtain this currency. However the players can buy WoW Mount Boost and other types of service and then they will be able to get all the transmogrification armor and weapons, pets, and and especially mount-transportations with guarantee. This guide lists all the important points about this new feature.

Trading Post Feature in WoW DF

The Way Trading Post and its currency work in WoW

“Trader’s Tender” is given per account, and only appears in the menu at the merchant. Therefore, do not look for this currency in your account. 500 tokens per month will be given to you on a special assignment, on opening a chest near the Merchant’s Shop and familiarizing yourself with the list of new items. Another 500 can be earned by completing the scale.

Wow Mount Boost

The scale is filled by completing tasks in the game, such as playing the battle of pets or passing dungeons. They are not complicated and there is no point in doing it on purpose. The tasks give about 50 to 250 experience in the scale, and the full scale is filled after a couple of three such tasks, because to fill the entire scale need only 1000 experience.

Another 500 tokens players will get for buying the “Dragonflight” add-on, but this is a one-time promotion and in the future you can get only 1000 tokens per month. But you won’t be able to save up tokens as they will be reset every month.

The Way Trading Post and its currency work in WoW

The merchant will offer various goods to choose from, and every month there will be a new selection of goods, in the merchant interface you can look at the price of goods, try it on, as well as see the time until the end of the proposal. Here you can also freeze the lot you need, for which you do not have enough currency in the current month. Thus frozen lots can be purchased next month, because they will not disappear. However, you can do it only with one item.

New Rewards of Trading Post in May

As May arrives, anticipation grows for the new treasures awaiting adventurers at the Trading Post in WoW Dragonflight. This month’s range features a variety of intriguing items to keep adventurers of all suits fascinated.

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A diverse selection of Rewards:

Players should check out Trading Post’s merchandise, which is a delight, each attractive and charming in its own way. From whimsical plush creatures to majestic insects-pets and mounts, there’s something to interest any adventurer.

Grand Prize: new Mount in Trading Post in DF

At the center of this month’s offering are the coveted Amber Skitterfly, an exquisite mount that can stun all those around it. Although some crave more showy rewards, the appeal of these wings is undeniable, invoking the spirit of spring and renewal.

Grand Prize - new Mount in Trading Post in DF

Pets, Mounts and More in Trading Post of May

For those players who are on a tight budget there are affordable treasures to be found here. Pokee and Buzzworth are adorable pets that can be obtained for just 400 and 600 tokens, while the assortment of mounts offers variety and value.

Pets, Mounts and More in Trading Post of May

Prices range from 600 to 800 tokens, so these companions are affordable for all budding collectors such as Royal Swarmer mount that the players can buy for 800 trader’s currency.

New Mount in Trading Post WoW

Transmog: Armor and Weapons from Trading Post

Step into the realm of transmogrification with a set of armor and weapon skins that promise to elevate your aesthetic. From elegant Blades of Elune, Lavish Floral Stalk to ornate floral edging Sunny Floral Staff and Bow, each item has a distinct flavor, ready to improve your character’s visual appearance.

Transmog Armor and Weapons from Trading Post

To summarize, the Trading Post will be updated every month. This means that all items in it will be replaced by other items, and you will be able to save an item not purchased for the next month by freezing it. But you will only be able to do this with one item. “Merchant Tenders” will only be available 1000 per month, players will not be able to save them.

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As they will disappear during the monthly store update. Tasks to fill the scale will also change every month and will depend on the available content and game events that will happen in May, so don’t forget to visit us and read the following wow DF guides.

Are there any exclusive rewards available at the Trading Post?

Yes, the Trading Post offers exclusive rewards that are not easily obtainable through other means. These include unique mounts like the coveted Amber Skitterfly, pets like Pokee and Buzzworth, and transmogrification items such as the Blades of Elune and Sunny Floral Staff.

What is the Trading Post feature in WoW DF?

The Trading Post is a system introduced in World of Warcraft Dragonflight (DF) where players can complete various in-game tasks to earn Trader’s Tender badges. These badges can be used to purchase unique rewards such as armor, weapons, pets, mounts, and more.

How often are new rewards introduced at the Trading Post?

New rewards are introduced at the Trading Post every month. This means that the selection of items available for purchase is refreshed regularly, providing players with new opportunities to acquire desirable items.

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