Alchemy Step-by-step Guide in SoD Phase 2

Alchemy Step-by-Step Guide in SoD Phase 2

Embark on a swift journey through the art of Alchemy in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. This guide is designed to efficiently guide you from a novice Alchemist to a master of the potion-making craft, providing a direct and effective route from rank 1 to 150 and from 150 to 225. To expedite your journey, we will focus on crafting essential potions and elixirs, ensuring a seamless progression.

Alchemy Step-by-Step Guide in SoD Phase 2

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Rank 1-75: Healing Potions

To initiate your Alchemy profession, gather the following materials:

Craft: X15 Minor Healing Potions

Make sure to learn Journeyman Alchemy from your trainer at rank 50.

Rank 75-150: Advanced Potions

For this phase, you will require a bit more materials:

to do: 35 Lesser Healing Potions


Keep in mind that this guide provides the minimum material requirements, and additional resources may be needed due to the RNG nature of crafting.

Rank 150-225: Advanced Elixirs and Potions

Prepare for the journey from rank 150 to 225 by gathering:

Begin crafting:

SoD Alchemy Guide

Note: The recipe for Superior Healing Potions must be purchased from specific Alchemy suppliers: Alchemy Supplies in Teldrassil for Alliance and Alchemy Supplies in Undercity for Horde.

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Now, armed with these precise instructions, may your journey through the ranks of Alchemy be swift and prosperous in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. Stay tuned for more profession guides tailored to enhance your crafting endeavors!

Who will find this guide interesting?

This guide appeals to WoW Classic enthusiasts eager to master potion-making through the Alchemy profession. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned adventurer, if you seek a concise route from rank 1 to 225, this guide is tailored for you.

What makes this guide invaluable?

Aspiring Alchemists aiming for proficiency will find this guide invaluable due to its efficiency. Offering a swift journey from rank 1 to 225, it streamlines the potion-making craft, providing a direct and effective route.

How does Alchemy contribute to in-game success?

Alchemy enhances in-game success by enabling players to brew potent concoctions. These crafted potions and elixirs significantly contribute to enhancing your character’s capabilities, providing a strategic advantage in various situations.

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