Buy WoW WotLK Battleground boost

Fighting on the battlegrounds will allow us to earn the number of honor points you want or need. After earning a certain amount of honor points you will be free to spend it on various valuable rewards. Frostyboost with our boosters have a great experience in bg boost WotLK and will help your character gain the amount of honor points necessary for further achievements.

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How does it work?
How does it work?

1. Select the rating you want to achieve and the extra services you may be interested in.
2. Pay for the service.
3. Wait for a message from the manager to clarify all the details.
4. The manager will select the finest boosters to fulfill your order.
5. At the time agreed with you, the boost service will begin.


Buy WoW WotLK Battleground boost

If you want your future battles to be more productive and successful, then you need to earn honor points. Honor points, as an in-game currency, can be spent on special rewards and items, without which you will not be able to win at the highest levels of the game. Battleground boost WoW WotLK is a great solution for those who plan to win PvP battles, but don’t have time to earn honor points on their own. We will do it for you! And you will continue your path of conquest with the necessary gear and items that you will acquire for the honor points we received for you.

Why are we the best in bg boost WotLK?

To perform the WoW Battleground boost service, there are players on our team who know everything about this process. They are well versed in the game, have a lot of experience and, most importantly, are able to quickly earn the amount of honor points you want.

Frostyboost is very concerned about the security of its customers’ data and therefore we guarantee you the security of your account. Also, we always try to reduce the risk of getting banned. We approach the fulfillment of orders responsibly and carefully.

How does it work?

First of all, you should choose the service you want to receive. In this case, it’s a battleground boost. Indicate the parameters that your character has and select the service and additional options you are interested in. This will allow you to sort out the price and quickly place an order. The next step is to pay for the service. As soon as you pay it, our operators will contact you to refine the details and data of your account. Our boosters will start fulfilling your order and as soon as they finish bg boost wotlk you will get your account back.


80 level character

Active WoW WotLK subscription

Account sharing

Buy our bg boost and achieve the desired amount of honor points.

How do you get honor in Battlegrounds?

You will receive honor for killing players or key NPCs of the opposite faction.

Why do you need to earn honor points?

Thanks to honor points you can buy special items.

How many marks of honor do you get per BG?

You get 1 mark for a loss and 3 for a win. By completing a daily quest on the battlefield, you can get 3 more marks.

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